Trumbull Mobile Meals is passionate about ensuring "no person goes hungry."

Since 1970, partner agency Trumbull Mobile Meals has delivered nutritious meals, warm smiles and safety checks that help keep area seniors safe and living independently in their own homes. The organization currently serves 230 people a day throughout Trumbull County. Freshly cooked meals made from scratch are prepared each morning and afternoon, assembled in a line up fashion and then delivered to the homes of local residents in need by dedicated volunteers.

In many instances, the only visitors received by clients are the volunteers of Trumbull Mobile Meals. Becky Edwards, President of Trumbull Mobile Meals explained how there have even been instances where individuals have fallen and volunteers of Trumbull Mobile Meals were able to get them the help they needed. Trumbull Mobile Meals not only provides delicious meals to those in need but safety checks that help keep area seniors living independently in their own homes. Edwards stresses the importance of volunteerism not only in her organization, but throughout many non-profits.

The organization receives volunteers from a wide variety of entities and community organizations including churches, schools, Fairhaven, Gateway Gallery, Howland Rotary and The Rich Center. Edwards went on to say how significant it is for non-profits to help other non-profits, as addressing community issues is a collaborative effort. We thank Trumbull Mobile Meals for the service they provide and for impacting many lives in Trumbull County.

“The thing that I love about this agency is that there’s one thing we all have in common. Whether we’re a staff member or volunteer, whatever we are - we’re all passionate about what we do. And that’s the driving force. We’re passionate about serving our community.”

– Becky Edwards, President of Trumbull Mobile Meals

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