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Colleen Dattilio's of Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority is the winner of this year’s Greenwood Chevrolet Extra Mile Giveaway.  Her key turned the ignition of the 2021 Trailblazer!


Colleen has been giving to the United Way of Trumbull County for several decades and was one of 10 finalists from United Way of Trumbull County and United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley who gave $260.00 or more last year to support the programs funded by United Way. Colleen had the choice of the Trailblazer sitting in the beautiful show room of Greenwood Chevrolet or $15,000 in cash and decided to take the cash. 


Greg Greenwood and Greenwood Chevrolet donated the prizes to the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley and the United Way of Trumbull as a joint incentive for their 2021 campaigns. All donors of $260 or more ($5 a week) qualified for one chance in the drawing to win the car or cash. The finalists were all recognized during a virtual giveaway event for their donations to the local United Ways. Each finalist also received $50 gift certificates to local restaurants and gifts from Greenwood Chevrolet. Thank you to Greg Greenwood for providing this generous incentive for the 2021 campaign!

Register for next year's Greenwood Giveaway HERE.

United Way of Trumbull County 2021 Finalists:

  1. Colleen Dattilio, Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority

  2. Justin Gollan, UPS

  3. Jeanne Isler, 7 17 Credit Union

  4. John Meyers, Trumbull Mental Health and Recovery Board

  5. Susan Smith, Retired Teacher

United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley 2021 Finalists:

  1. Michele Dietz, Southwoods Health

  2. Amanda Ford, Struthers City Schools

  3. David Lucido, Farmers National Bank

  4. Robert Snell, HBK

  5. Jennifer Walker, Youngstown City School District

View this year's Greenwood Chevrolet Extra Mile Giveaway 10 Finalists and their comments HERE

Colleen Dattilio is the second winner in three years to work at Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority. Watch the news coverage here

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