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To Learn Well, Earn Well and Stay Well, We Must LIVE UNITED!

United, we will recognize our front line essential workers, businesses, and individuals with "Thankful Acts of Kindness," to promote gratitude this holiday season.  Everyone is encouraged to participate!  Nominees will be randomly selected and featured on our Facebook page with sentiments provided by community members weekly.

To submit a nomination, simply click the box below.  

Suggestions include the following, but please feel free to nominate anyone you see making an impact in our community:

  • Fire, Police, EMT's

  • Grocery and Essential Workers

  • Non-Profit Agencies 

  • Hospital and nursing home staff

  • Restaurant workers

  • Social Workers

  • U.S. Post Office, FedEx and Amazon workers

  • Truck drivers and food delivery services

  • Waste Management Professionals

  • And more.

Thankful Acts of Kindness Recipients:


Timothy Grantz

Thank you for your participation in "Thankful Acts of Kindness".

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