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United Way Works

United Way Works is dedicated to providing you and your needs with a safe space to ask for help both work-related and personal challenges. Resource Coordinators can partner with your current or future employers. United Way Works can aid help with eldercare, emergency funds, housing and financial advisement.




Gas Card

Household Needs

The communication of a dedicated Resource Coordinator can help address how to help a wide range of set backs, including emergency funds, childcare, substance abuse, housing, transportation, and eldercare.

Yard Service for

Seniors - Veterans - Disabled


Clean up


Small projects

Community members often face a myriad of challenges in their personal lives, and having access to a program like United Way Works can make a significant difference in their ability to navigate these challenges.

Financial Literacy


Financial Workshops

Credit review



Goal setting

By addressing various aspects of your lives, such as family, health, and financial stability, United Way Works is dedicated to helping in every way.


Make a difference for Trumbull County

Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone to thrive in.

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