The Penny Wars challenge is geared towards both schools and colleges in Trumbull County beginning November 28 through January 2, 2018.  In addition to raising funds, a penny war fundraiser builds spirit and promotes a friendly competition - not to mention, it teaches students the importance of philanthropy.
Here's how to play:
1.  Notify us by using the telephone or email address below that your school or college will be participating in our Penny Wars campaign.
2. Provide a contact person's name and number for your school. Your contact person should be accessible by phone and/or email during regular business hours and able to calculate and provide your school's proceeds on or before January 2, 2018.
3. Decide your own Penny Wars' time frame, rules and prize(s) and distribute them to all participating classrooms, clubs and/or athletic teams.  This is your war, invite as many classrooms, departments or groups, etc. that you can manage.  CLICK HERE for optional rules and prize ideas.
4. Distribute collection containers or ask each classroom/group to provide a collection container for the purpose of Penny Wars, #Giving the Basics.  
5.  Publicize your Penny Wars on flyers and social media.  If an individual makes a large donation of coins or you are aware of the top one or two leading classrooms, acknowledge them on social media to create excitement. Encouraging participants with daily announcements and/or charts will also keep everyone motivated.

7.  Finally, count each classroom or groups' coin collection, recognize and/or award your winners, then submit your school's total proceeds in the form of a check or money order to United Way of Trumbull County.

Mail or hand deliver proceeds to the United Way office on or before January 2, 2018.

United Way of Trumbull County

3601 Youngstown Road, S.E.

Warren, OH  44484-2832


Phone:  330-369-1000, ext. 29

The proceeds from the Penny Wars campaign will be used for #GivingtheBasics. 
To learn about #GivingtheBasics, click the button below.

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