… And the Winner is!

Congratulations Image

Michele Bieber 

Michele Bieber in car

Winner of this years Greenwood Chevrolet Car Drawing, Michele Bieber of McDonald


Greenwood Chevrolet, United Way of Trumbull County and United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley gathered together Wednesday, January 21 in the Greenwood Chevrolet showroom to announce one lucky winner. Donors who contributed $208 or more ($4 a week) were entered for a chance to win one of three prizes, all courtesy of Greenwood Chevrolet. The options included: a 2 year prepaid lease on a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado, a 2 year prepaid lease on a 2015 Chevrolet Volt, or $15,000 cash. The winner could choose one of these prizes.

There were 10 finalists total, 5 from Trumbull County and 5 from Mahoning County. The
finalists and their families and friends were invited to Greenwood Chevrolet Showroom in
Austintown and one by one finalists selected a random key and attempted to start a 2015
Chevrolet Silverado

Michele Bieber of McDonald, Ohio was named the winner. Bieber, a member of General
Motors UAW Local 1112, is a first time donor to United Way of Trumbull County. When asked why she chose to give to United Way of Trumbull County, Bieber said, “It was time. I have been fortunate and I knew it was time to give back.” Not in need of a new car, Bieber took the cash option. Her plans include using some of the prize to “pay it forward.” Of the event, United Way of Trumbull County President Ginny Pasha said, “We are grateful to all of our donors who believe in the work being done in Trumbull County by our United Way. With many thanks to Greenwood Chevrolet, we have the opportunity to provide incentives and create excitement for donors. We are thrilled that one of our Trumbull County donors is the winner!”

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Meet Our Finalists in the 2015 Greenwood Chevrolet Car Drawing

Ms. Michele Bieber

Michele is from General Motors UAW Local 1112 and was our first finalist drawn. Michele is active in community service through GM UAW Local 1112 and we are pleased to present her with this chance to win! Thanks for your support Michele and good luck!

Ginny Glenn Michele Karen

From left to right: Ginny Pasha (UWTC President), Glenn Johnson (UAW Local 1112 President), Michele Bieber (Finalist), Karen Eusanio (UAW Local 1112)

ginny julianna glen michele with key

From left to right: Ginny Pasha (UWTC President), Julianna Marsco (UWTC Staff), Glenn Johnson (UAW Local 1112 President), Michele Bieber (Finalist)


Ms. Sheila Smolinsky 

Sheila, our second finalist in the Greenwood Chevrolet car drawing, comes from General Motors UAW Local 1714. UAW Local 1714 President, Rob Morales, tells us Sheila was “doing cartwheels down the hall” when they informed her she was a finalist! We are just as excited! Good luck Sheila & thanks for supporting us!

Rob Morales, Sheila & Ginny 1714

From left to right: Rob Morales (UAW Local 1714 President), Sheila Smolinsky (Finalist), Ginny Pasha (UWTC President)

Ms. Evelyn McGhee

Evelyn has been a long time supporter of United Way of Trumbull County. She has been on our board for periods of time since 1979. She was absolutely thrilled! It was our pleasure to be able to thank her for all she has done!

evelyn and julianna

From left to right: Julianna Marsco (UWTC Staff), Evelyn McGhee (Finalist)


Mr. Cody Leek 

Our 4th finalist is a member of UAW Local 1112 from General Motors, Cody Leek. We surprised him this morning with this great news! Good luck, Cody & thanks for supporting us!

Glenn Cody Ginny

From left to right: Glenn Johnson (UAW Local 1112 President), Cody Leek (Finalist), Ginny Pasha (UWTC President)


 Ms. Margaret Alexander 

Last but certainly not least- Margie Alexander, our 5th finalist. Margie is a coordinator at Trumbull County Children and Family First Council. Margie was floored by this news, which we told her in a room full of her co-workers who could not have been happier for her, and asked, “Really, me? Are you sure?” We are sure, Margie! Congratulations and thanks for supporting us!

Margaret Alexander & Ginny

From left to right: Ginny Pasha (UWTC President), Margie Alexander (Finalist)



Those are all of our finalists! On January 21, 2015 at Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown- we will draw for the winner!

There will be 10 finalists total, 5 from UWTC and 5 from United Way of Youngstown & Mahoning Valley. 

We will post all of the pictures and information on our website and on Facebook! Check back! 


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Our Car Drawing is Underway!

Friday, January 9 

Fran Cunningham, former board member and chairperson, paid us a surprise visit! We asked her to draw our 5th and final name!

Thanks, Fran!

Ginny and Fran with name



Thursday, January 8 

The ladies at the YWCA in Warren drew our 4th finalist.

Executive Director Kenya Roberts-Howard (far left) and team posing for a pic!


Kenya & Ladies YWCA



Wednesday, January 7 

Becky Edwards (Office Manager), Sandra Mathews (CEO), and brand new volunteer (it was really his first day on the job!) John drew the third finalists name today at Trumbull Mobile Meals!

Thanks Trumbull Mobile Meals!


Becky, Sandra  &John with name

Tuesday, January 6 

Children’s Rehabilitation Center, one of our partner agencies, was the host of today’s drawing! Pictured above are four students at CRC with the Development Director, Grace Krontiris and UWTC staff member, Julianna Marsco.

Thanks for helping us out!

Grace Julianna and Kids 1

Just Kids


 Monday, January 5

We began drawing for finalists for our car give-away, courtesy of Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown! Pictured here is Jim Whetstone, former campaign chair and member of this years campaign team, drawing the first name!

Jim Whetstone 2



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